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Advisory and Management Committee

We are happy to report that the new name for the Working Group - the Advisory and Management Committee – or AMC - received unanimous endorsement by the NAPPO management (which included the Executive Committee - EC, the Working Group - WG and the Industry Advisory Group - IAG).  As such, please be aware that moving forward the WG will be called AMC; appropriate updates will be made in the website directory.  The AMC is composed of the following individuals: 

Name Organization AMC role Telephone E-mail
Stephanie Bloem NAPPO Chairperson 919-617-4040 (Office) - 919-480-4761 (Mobile)  Stephanie.Bloem(at)
Alonso Suazo NAPPO Member 919-617-4039 (office) - 919-559-3302 (Mobile) Alonso.Suazo(at)
Rajesh Ramarathnam CFIA Member 613-773-7122


Dominique Pelletier CFIA Member 613-773-7180 Dominique.Pelletier(at)
Patricia Abad USDA-APHIS-PPQ Member   301-851-2264 Patricia.V.Abad(at)
Stephanie Dubon USDA-APHIS-PPQ Member   301-851-2180 Stephanie.M.Dubon(at)
Ana Lilia Montealegre SENASICA Member  52-55-5905-1000, ext. 51341 Ana.Montealegre(at)
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