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Discussion Documents

The discussion document is a very specific paper that looks in depth at a question, an insight, or an observation about a particular topic. The purpose is to stimulate discussion and debate in order to consider the different viewpoints presented.  A position paper or an RSPM may be developed as a result of a discussion document.

ID Name
DD 01 Pre-Invasiveness Screening
DD 02 Climate Change and Pest Risk Analysis
DD 03 The Role of the North American Plant Protection Organization in Addressing Invasive Alien Species
DD 04 Wooden and Bamboo Commodities Intended for Indoor and Outdoor Use
DD 05

Management of Huanglongbing and its Vector, the Asian Citrus Psyllid, Diaphorina citri

DD 06 NAPPO Discussion Document on the International Movement of Grain – this document was developed by the NAPPO Expert Group on Grain to provide input to the IPPC Expert Working Group tasked with developing an ISPM on this topic – as such,  the document was not required to go through the traditional country consultation or Executive Committee signature process.
DD 07 Discussion document on Diversion from Intended use (DFIU). DD 07 was developed by the NAPPO Expert Group on DFIU to provide information to stakeholders ahead of developing a draft specification for an RSPM on the subject.  The draft specification went to country consultation in April 2017 and the development of the RSPM on DFIU was not supported by NAPPO stakeholders. As such, the NAPPO Executive Committee recommended that DD 07 be removed from the NAPPO website and archived at the NAPPO Secretariat.
DD 08 Likelihood of Establishment
DD 09

Criteria for Evaluating Phytosanitary Seed Treatments

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