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NAPPO RSPM 13 "Guidelines to Establish, Maintain and Verify Karnal Bunt Pest Free Areas in North America" & Appendices

Inventory of Diagnostic Tests Currently in Use in North America for the Detection of Karnal Bunt
The tests listed here are currently being used within NAPPO member countries as the main means of detecting the presence of Karnal bunt in samples of wheat and other grains for a variety of regulatory purposes. These tests have not been rigorously and scientifically compared to one another to determine equivalency or efficacy but are considered by the users to be adequate for their intended purposes. A test may be useful in one circumstance but not another and not all tests are expected to meet all needs and satisfy all requirements. There is a presumption that those using these tests will have an appropriate level of laboratory experience to apply the appropriate test to the appropriate situation.   These tests are presented here for the use with the following general considerations:
  • Any country is at liberty to use any method to certify wheat for export or to provide survey data in support of area freedom unless constrained by limitations in specific bilateral agreements or by the awareness of the unacceptability of a particular test to a trading partner
  • Any two countries can by mutual agreement select one or more of the above tests as part of a bilateral agreement thus making a specific test mandatory in order to achieve a specific objective
  • Any country may evaluate or audit any imported or provided sample by using the test methodology of their choice
  • Data collected in the past by any one of these methodologies should be accepted for the determination of KB free areas unless concerns about the reliability of the test method that has been used have been previously voiced
  • NAPPO member countries should make every effort to work towards using methodologies acceptable to all parties, harmonizing testing methods where possible and incorporating new technological advances whenever possible
  • It is important that all testing be conducted in suitable facilities by properly educated and trained individuals in a manner consistent with good laboratory practises.

Test Protocols Include the Following:  

  • Appendix 1:   Guia Ilustrada de la Metodologia de Diagnostico para Detectar Teliosporas de Carbon Parcial Tilletia indica en Trigo  (Mexico)
  • Appendix 2:   Seed Wash Extraction for all Ustilaginales and other Fungal Spores Transported by Grain and Straw (Canada)
  • Appendix 3:   USDA APHIS Laboratory Procedures for Grain and Seed Analysis


Country title
Mexico (Spanish only) Appendix 1
Canada Appendix 2
USA The USDA/APHIS Laboratory Procedures for Karnal Bunt Analysis in Grain and Seed can be found at the following website:
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