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What is NAPPO. The North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO) is the Regional Plant Protection Organization for the North American region (Canada, United States and Mexico) and operates according to a Cooperative Agreement supplementary to the plant protection agreement signed by representatives from Canada, Unites States and Mexico in order to promote and secure cooperation in the field of plant protection in the NAPPO region. For more information read the NAPPO Constitution and By-Laws.

NAPPO Mission. Provide a forum for public and private sectors in Canada, the United States and Mexico to collaborate in the regional protection of agricultural, forest, other plant resources, and the environment while facilitating safe trade. Plant protection and trade facilitation are achieved through the development and implementation of science-based standards and related plant protection activities directed toward preventing the introduction and spread of regulated plant pests. NAPPO shall carry out regional, hemispheric and global functions.

NAPPO Objectives.

  • To encourage and facilitate cooperative efforts among its member countries to prevent the entry, establishment and spread of regulated pests in the NAPPO region and limit the economic impact of regulated non-quarantine pests.
  • To facilitate and promote safe international trade in plants, plant products and other regulated articles and
  • To encourage and participate in similar hemispheric and global cooperative efforts.

NAPPO Organizational Structure and Management. The technical work of NAPPO including the development and review of regional standards, science and technology documents, discussion documents, technical modules and other documents and projects as approved by the Executive Committee (EC) is carried out by the NAPPO Expert Groups. EG members are subject matter experts from the three National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) in the NAPPO region and nominated with the assistance of the Advisory Management Committee (AMC) and EC. The NAPPO Secretariat with the assistance of the AMC provides the mechanisms needed to facilitate the completion of all projects carried out by the EG. The Industry Advisory Group (IAG) are an important component of this process as they provide feedback from the industry perspective on the development of regional standards and other NAPPO documents.

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