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NAPPO Functions.

Regional functions:

  • Develops and adopts Regional Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (RSPMs) to harmonize the phytosanitary measures of its member countries in order to facilitate the safe movement of pants, plant products and other regulated articles into and within the NAPPO region
  • Provides a forum for government and industry to discuss phytosanitary issues of concern to the NAPPO region
  • Supports the work of the North American Free Trade Agreement Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Committee
  • Harmonizes plant protection activities in the NAPPO region
  • Encourages and facilitates training and capacity development of NAPPO stakeholders to implement NAPPO RSPMs and International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs)
  • As appropriate, provides assistance to NAPPO member countries in mediating, presenting and discussing the required technical information to help avoid or settle a phytosanitary dispute
  • Collects phytosanitary information from other regions or internationally and reports back on issues relevant to NAPPO member countries

Hemispheric functions:

  • Encourages coordinated phytosanitary approaches in the hemisphere through active participation in the Inter-American Coordinating Group in Plant Protection (GISCV, based on the Spanish acronym). The GICSV brings together the Regional Plant Protection Organizations of the Americas - NAPPO, OIRSA, CAN, COSAVE and, coming soon, CAHFSA.
  • Collaborate with other RPPOs and international organizations to implement the provisions of the IPPC an its ISPMs and where appropriate, assist in the development and delivery of training or other assistance to facilitate this goal
  • Encourages dialogue on phytosanitary issues to promote common interests or to provide a mechanism for discussing differences

Global functions:

  • Supports the IPPC Secretariat and the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) by assisting in the development and implementation of ISPMs and other activities agreed to in the Convention
  • Exchanges technical information with other RPPOs and the IPPC Secretariat concerning all aspects of plant protection
  • Encourages cooperative efforts among its member countries to participate in other international initiatives in support of plant protection or phytosanitary priorities of potential interest to the NAPPO region
  • Actively participates in the annual Technical Consultation of RPPOs and other appropriate fora
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