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The intent of the training module is to assist biological control practitioners in drafting a comprehensive, well organized petition for the first release of non-indigenous biological control agents of insect pests.  RSPM 12 takes the guesswork out of what information to include in a petition, and this in turn helps reviewers quickly identify where there are gaps in our knowledge of the pest and the proposed biological control agent, as well as the risks, if any, of releasing the new agent. This module was developed by the NAPPO Biological Control Expert Group.

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thumb_tool_01.png The intent of this online training tool is to assist interested NAPPO stakeholders in furthering their understanding of Risk-Based Sampling as a method to conduct agricultural inspections that are technically justified (defensible) to trading partners. The module is divided into several sections and contains exercises to test the learner on their comprehension of the basic concepts. View now
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