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The IAG helps coordinate Industry participation in NAPPO.  Each country selects an IAG Chairperson whose role is to interface with the NAPPO Executive Committee, the Advisory and Management Committee and the Secretariat and facilitate two-way communication with their industry.  The depth and breadth of Industry participation in NAPPO is unique among regional plant protection organizations and a strength for NAPPO.  It offers the opportunity for the industry to be involved in the design, and successful implementation of regional standards.  From an industry perspective, if governments develop standards without robust industry input, they may not be practical or realistic, and therefore not supported, adopted and implemented by industry.



Andrew Morse
Flowers Canada Ontario
Ph: 519-836-5495 ext 226
Email: andrew(at)


Andrew Morse completed a M.Sc. in Environmental Biology from the University of Guelph in 2009.  Andrew’s thesis work focused on pollination of greenhouse crops, and the impact of floral volatiles on pollinator foraging decisions. 

Andrew began working with Flowers Canada Growers in 2011 through two projects related to management of phytosanitary risks – one focusing on Chrysanthemum White Rust and the other focusing on soil contamination in international shipments of flower bulbs.  In 2015 Andrew was named one of Greenhouse Canada Magazine’s “top ten under forty”, and was promoted to Executive Director of both Flowers Canada Growers and Flowers Canada (Ontario).

Andrew has worked to represent Canadian flower growers through partnering with regulators on a wide array of issues aimed at improving both regulatory compliance and business success. 

Andrew has contributed to numerous regulatory consultations, participated in collaborative development of industry training and certification programs, and continues to engage with both industry stakeholders and government partners in Canada and abroad.


Craig Regelbrugge
Ph: 202-789-8111
Email: CraigR(at)


Craig Regelbrugge serves as AmericanHort’s senior vice president, where he is responsible for industry advocacy and research programs. AmericanHort unites, promotes, and advances horticulture businesses and professionals through advocacy, education, market development, and research. Members and affiliates include plant breeders, greenhouse and nursery growers, garden retailers, distributors, interior and exterior landscape professionals, students, educators, researchers, manufacturers, and suppliers. 

Regelbrugge serves in national leadership positions representing the horticulture industry on matters relating to the labor force, plant health and production, and trade. He co-chairs the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform, and serves on the National Council of Agricultural Employers executive committee, and National Immigration Forum Action Fund board.  He is chairman of the US Industry Advisory Group to the North American Plant Protection Organization. 

Regelbrugge received his undergraduate degree in horticulture from Virginia Tech, and he worked in the retail nursery industry and served as a county horticultural extension agent in Virginia before joining the American Nursery & Landscape Association, then the industry’s national organization, in December, 1989.


Mario Puente
Asociación Mexicana de Semilleros
Ph: 52-55-5516-0293
Email: m.puente(at)

Mario Puente Raya has 20 years of experience in phytosanitary policies, standards and regulations for the international trade of agricultural commodities. He held several positions within Mexico’s NPPO (SENASICA). He also worked for the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), coordinating plant health projects.

He presently holds the following positions:

  • Executive Director for the Mexican Seeds Association (AMSAC)
  • Vice-chair for the National Agricultural Council (CAN), Agri-Food Health and Safety

Mexican industry representative for the North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO).

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